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About artist Cindy Boyd:

Born in 1975, I'm a GenXer: print on demand artist and designer in the Chicago area.  Go Hawks!! I design new products daily.  I sell something nearly everyday somewhere on the web. My designs have traveled the globe. Support an independent artist and buy from me here or on one of my other sites.  Your purchases help me get through each month.  When all ends meet, I buy art supplies and photo editing software, my own food, and create more art for more products so; in essence,  you can help perpetuate the prolificness of my wares by supporting me with sales.  Shares are also welcomed.  Share my products and storefronts on your social media and blog about them and I will follow share and like back!  We network of artists on the web must stick together ;) Read My Blog Cindy Print on Demand artist.    For what gives me motivation to keep going...besides music and family, and other artists:  check out my web of catharsis at IMDB.  I am active on X, the social network formerly known asTwitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Tik Tok and just started up on Instagram Active with a shop! and The new Meta network Threads which I am not terribly active on. Round the way I started a new Facebook fanpage with a post now and then. Please follow me on these!  

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  My newer music tastes spans classic alternative, blues, and classical. I have a favorite waltz.  It is Die Fleddermous by Strauss. And one of my favorite shows from MTV was Unplugged.I enjoyed the Seattle sounds in the 90s and today even.   Lately I have noticed pop music has gotten good again and I am over my snooty nineties alternative mindset, though I still like new alternative.  I find it easier to find new music If I start on youtube pandora or the radio.  I still buy my music.  Like five or six songs every couple of months.  It builds up.  I think my computer says I have 6.2 days of music in my non-classical, non christmas mix...  which I do nothing but shuffle...mostly. I am either listening or streaming while i design (in summertime) and sometimes half way between both.  In winter I have found If I subscribe to about 100 bands I love on youtube I get updates that give me breaks and keep me busy. I watch news and documentaries all day and sometimes binge a good show in the afternoon, so a video evry now and then breaks it up. I can only design a couple products at a time before I need to get up and do something else for like ten minutes.  Perhaps I am ADhD i dunno. All i know is the process of creation on my lil laptop desk is intense and I can't hold the pose longer than like twenty minutes at a time.  I really dont know how people working in offices survive without a resting couch to untangle on. I love being immersed and coming in from a good song to do some writing or designing. I read, youth fantasy, horror for adults ( I also watch MAX -  )like h. P. Lovecraft, and Stephen King, biographies, light; origin of holiday books, and anything by William Gibson or Douglas Adams.  I avoid blogging when disheveled to avoid being Kromulan.  

I trained in studio art long ago and earned my degree in graphic design about ten years ago. I have been In the Print On Demand World ever since and started this site a couple years ago.  My favorite art movements are Medieval Dutch miniturists, Surrealism, Impressionist, expressionism, Pre raphealites, Dada   Some of My favorite artists are Rene Magritte, Kathe Kollowitz, Georgia O'Keefe, Rodin, Peter Brughel The Elder, Heyronomous Bosch, Edward Munch, Talouse Latrec, Leonetto Cappiello, Degas, Mark Rothko, Delacroix. My favorite design eras are art nouveau and victorian but I am getting into retro sixties seventies a bit more. My style is characterized by bold color and crisp detail with the sketch realism that comes with hand drawing raster images with my wacom tablet or apple pencil.  I have two adult children, both girls, and am spiritual but not religious;(BTW i believe I identify as NONBINARY) basically agnostic with leanings towards sorting it all out since I've actually been to Israel But if you have any idea on how angels work and all, you can debate that ad nauseum.  I like to keep my science to help the angels. I don't believe in ghosts except for a week in october...just a little.  I love all kinds of music, i stream lots of tv, and twice a month I order pizza.  I'm terrified of the dark because i get low-light-level "night terrors".

The scientific Name for rabbit is Lepus...which is much better than hopsalot

-this is an actual 'HOLY GRAIL' Rabbit/bunnyrabbit?! from somewhere after the credits roll


Coffee is my favorite beverage, but I think whisky is great with a variety of things as long as its in moderation. always have a cup coffee by my desk.  

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Buy from me and not only will I make more designs on objects that are useful, I'll support the arts as I do it.  Books on my kindle to music and movies and the occasional etsy purchase.  I love artists.  I love that I am part of this world. So buy from me, and I won't let you down.  Become a fan and help me empower other print on demand artists like me peddling their fine art on goods on social media sites that I have found.by that I mean ethical POD. POD rippin off sitcoms, movies, anime, and other intellectual property as well as simply the visuals grabbed somehow will not be tolerated.  As graphic designers we have all had those foggy moments...but if it ain't iconic, and it ain't a derivative work, and it ain't public domain, or no known rights.. It ain't useable.  The Occasional visual language update may be tolerated, but basing a store on the late estate of some well or even lesser known ComedieaAn will get you some kind of 12 ways from here to copyright infringement.  And if you do need to do such things to feed yourself...  over 1000 copies and you get sued.   So knock it off.  you all out there doing such nefarious acts are giving POD a bad name.  I'm an artist, I want to show my face, and you can trust my store.  If i use clip art in a base, I have paid for it.  I talk to people.  I get permission to sell if commercial use rights look hairy and it looks potentially sucessful.  Anything other THaN, is accidental due to some brief foggy moments.  Sorry to rant but you did deign to come to the "about" page.  You are free to go anytime.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know an artist, POD creator, and Artist Shop Director.

I have stores searchable under the names Artofmine, Bloomingvinedesign, Bloomingvine, and  Blue Daisy 66

Purchases from my marketplaces yield me about 20% commission royalties, and This site is priced to support me if it takes off.  5$-20$ is earned on every product.  If I make enough to get off SSI, I will begin donating a portion of sales to The Nature Conservancy, as I once did many years ago and a homeless shelter that serves coffee from 7 am to 11 am four days a week plus does lunches.  They kept me alive for the better part of two years.  But first, I need the sales for this place to start adding up to enough to cancel out my government supplemental before I support anywhere else.  I have dreams and aspirations, you see. 

Speaking of dreams and aspirations, you might ask yourself why there are three blogs in this Emporium.  Well, the answer is simple.  Secretly I am also a writer with some film training from art school animation classes who wants to somehow be involved in film in the near future (and by that I mean before 20 more years passes me by--I have been struggling with mental health for roughly 20 years--ie.. this is what I have to show for it--Not bad really?!).  I use slides scanned at high res from my grandparents 1960s and 1970s trips to europe on some of my goods and I did things to them to make some of them art pieces, so I thought I'd share their travel journals.  All the slides or most, I left out the ones of the Queen and a few oddballs, are available to browse in the gallery.  Those more conducive to design elements are available on this site as digital image downloads.   So my Grandfather was the photographer, and my grandmother, a painter, was the author.  I thought: this story is so good, let's also include their love letters from WWII.  He wrote her every week from 1942-1947 after which they married and had my father.  They were everything to me growing up and now they help me sell designs.  Their words guide readers here.  Their images grace pod products.  My world is small.  I have sisters, daughters, and twitter  or 'X ' followers, gaining everyday..with a few newcomers here and there on youtube and tiktok.  I live a quiet life creating and designing daily.  I just want the world to still care about the past.  I don't want to lose my history.  This is why I don't plan on monetizing my youtube account.  I have record videos from the 1950s. My grandfather's history.  to avoid capitalizing on a thing with a disjointed ownership (a now defunct record company).  I just will air them as record play videos.  I swear I am not getting involved in anything more complicated than youtube allows for its regular un-monetized channels.

When I finish transcribing the journals and the letters....which is quite time consuming... I intend on writing kindle books.(UPDATE: book 1 is out)  They are already making a fine go on Kindle vella, and episodic platform for kindle readers.  So if you find someone in the industry interested in source materials and you can see the story of my life in my three blogs, we should chat.  Thanks for letting my pages entertain a moment of your time and do come back and get souvenir!

I work for the following Print On Demand Marketplaces: Redbubble  |  Society 6  |  Zazzle  |  Displates  |    Print All Over Me    |  Pixels  |  Art Pal  |  Cafe Press |   Design By Humans  |  Shapeways | Threadless | Tee Public  | Saatchi Art| Spoonflower | Curioos | Cow Cow | La Galeriste | Fourthwall

Buy My Images as NFTs at Open Sea: I am no longer promoting them much as they have done away with residual royalties for consecutive sales.  


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Returns are accepted for 30 days in case of damaged or printed error. 


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If you Came This Far you want to know more. Well here is why I do an image at the top of my website on an every few days basis.  It is self affirming.  I take my photo to kind of clock into work.  start my day.  You see I was never supposed to be at home.  I was to get an office job and be with people.  Wasnt trained right at the right times.. and then my mental health Becomes important.  A Nice portrait, picks up the day, a self portrait before I work on my stores helps me align myself.  a little who am I.  I have not yet failed.  Here is a little gallery of my portraits over the two years I have run this store.  This is me, at my best some days and my worst others.  Always affirming, always ready to be a designer/artist POD woman O'the world.  I'm putting it out there because there was a time when artists hid from everyone online.  There is a way to be out there.  you just gotta find your groove and carry on. Note I am doing images once a month nowadays to focus less on props and more on being comfortable.

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Bold Pair Of Leggings
Bold Pair Of Leggings
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before I was too TALL, I wanted to be a balerina