This print on demand store carries designs by artist Cindy Boyd you can view her portfolio and other stores at https://artofmine.myportfolio.com/work

 Blue daisy pictured at the banner on this site is the first image I ever sold on print on demand years ago when I started off the first batch of dslr flower photographs.  For years I used a cannon d3000 on manual settings to capture flowers with a 60mm lens.  Then I moved on to a really good phone and gave up the really close macro.  I now do mostly graphic patterns and abstract work digitally.  I also have a stash of vintage 1960's and 1970's slides from europe trips my grandparents took, that I scanned at high resolution and restored. These images are my vintage travel portfolio.  See my youtube channel for readings from their travel journals kept on the trip.

 I graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2013 and have been designing for print on demand ever since. I also do photography and draw and paint. I add new products and design everyday from my home in Illinois where I have spent most of my 45 years on this planet. I studied studio art and history medieval in the 90's and waited to finish my degree till my two children were adult.   I travel to local parks and buy flowers to photograph.  I use digital drawing tools to create tessellations for all over compositions that work on most products and look fantastical on most clothing.  I love filtering abstract drawings from my tablet to create unique digital color celebrations.  There is nothing I sell here that I wouldn't buy for myself given the space and time.  My family is supportive and I love to create in my time off of designing the layout for products.  I am very active on social networks and love seeing what the other print on demand artists are up to.  If you follow me, you will see more interesting independent art and the marketplaces I work for showcase tens of thousands and more of independent artists; all trying to make their rent with print on demand.  Seasonal sales and the joy of a new print product arriving for designing artists from one of my POD (print on demand) sites, keeps me motivated.  With shopify many companies have stepped up to the POD plate and hit homeruns.  I use and have ordered from at least a dozen of these companies in this store.   The print quality has been amazing so far.  I hope you enjoy it too.  What you see in the 3d mock ups is almost always a good preview to the product you get.  These are top quality items and you pay the extra couple of bucks to give an artist like myself more independence.  Every sale means I have more time to make art and design on the latest POD platforms with the best production quality.  I love what I do.

Visit all my stores from Link Tree https://linktr.ee/cindyprintondemandartist

 Every Sale goes to my goal of raising awareness about mental health disorders and homelessness and moves me toward the goal of independent living where I can again become actively involved in community centers performing in these areas. I am an artist with Schizoaffective Disorder and have recovered three years from being homeless. I am a valuable and functional member of society.

I also work for the following Print On Demand Marketplaces: Redbubble  |  Society 6  |  Zazzle  |  Vida  |  Live Heroes  |  Displates  |  Art Of Where  |  Kin Custom  |  Print All Over Me  |  Cow Cow  |  Bags Of Love Pixels  |  Art Pal  |  Cafe Press  |   Design By Humans  |  Shapeways | Smug Mug | Threadless


Most items in this store ship within 5 business days. Some cut and sew items take between 2-4 weeks to ship.


Returns are accepted for 30 days in case of damaged or printed error. 


Customer information will not be shared with third parties.


We ship USA and worldwide. Shippng rates based in cart totals.

USA shipping prices

0-10$. 6.90

10-49$. 9.90

50-149$ 18.00

150-200$  28.00

200 and up $45.00

 Rest of the world: flate rate 20$ per order


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