About artist Cindy Boyd:

Blue Daisy Emporium was launched in April 2021. First sales are in!  Help me to get the latest design software, flowers to photograph, and art supplies so I can get back into painting ; by buying directly from me on Blue Daisy Emporium using Shopify's secure Payments platform, or by following me and my wares in one of the many print on demand marketplaces listed below.  My goal is to begin donating a portion of my sales to my two loves, conservation and day shelters for the homeless.  Designing the products on this site and surrounding my social media with other artists keeps me motivated.  I feel whole.   I embrace the companies I have found offering cut and sew clothing in printed plus sizes.  So many have popped up.  I am spiritual but not religious.  I was homeless from 2016-2018 and now have a lovely hud apartment in Fox Lake Illinois.  I feel like I’ve arrived on a scene ready to take off.  Designing and making art with scattered sales have given me hope.  I can make it. I can do this.  It might take off.  I make about a tenth of what I’d need to be self sufficient.  I’ve only been treating it like a full time endeavor for a year.  It was a hobby for ten years, but now I am at a place where I want more.  I am an artist.  People have found me and bought my work on utilitarian items that can brighten their day.  Nothing makes me happier, except sharing the news of sales with my daughters and sisters who always encourage me. I make new art once a week and spend most of my time designing and managing my sites.

Blue daisy pictured at the banner on this site is the first image I ever sold on print on demand years ago when I started off the first batch of dslr flower photographs.   I now do mostly graphic patterns and abstract work digitally but if flowers are present I photograph them.  I also have a stash of vintage 1960's and 1970's slides from europe trips my grandparents took, that I scanned at high resolution and restored. These images are my vintage travel portfolio.  See my youtube channel for readings from their travel journals kept on the trip.

 I graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2013 and have been designing for print on demand ever since.  I add new products and design everyday from my home in Illinois where I have spent most of my 46 years on this planet.   I studied studio art and history medieval in the 90's and waited to finish my degree till my two children were adult.   I travel to local parks and buy flowers to photograph.  I use digital drawing tools to create tessellations for all over compositions that work on most products and look fantastical on most clothing.  I love filtering abstract drawings from my tablet to create unique digital color celebrations.  There is nothing I sell here that I wouldn't buy for myself given the space and time.  I love what I do.

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I work for the following Print On Demand Marketplaces: Redbubble  |  Society 6  |  Zazzle  |  Vida  |  Live Heroes  |  Displates  |  Art Of Where  |  Kin Custom  |  Print All Over Me  |  Cow Cow  |  Bags Of Love Pixels  |  Art Pal  |  Cafe Press  |   Design By Humans  |  Shapeways | Threadless | Tee Public | Arts Add

 Buy My Images as NFTs at Open Sea: View my collections - Flowers From The Artist | Illustrative and Local Travels | Abstraction and The Kaleidoscopic | Food Art For The Hungry | Animal Art Photography Manipulations and Graphic Drawings | Vintage Travel | Fall Mix | Winter Mix | Patterns That Repeat | Handmade Jewelry | Hawaiian Landscape Photographs | Flowers Off The Camera | Europe 1967 | Europe 1968 | Europe and Africa 1969 | Europe 1970 | Europe 1971 | Europe 1973

What to I buy with my earnings?  Music and movies (both in the theater and adding to my collection), specialty coffee and pizza and studio art supplies and print on demand products from my shops. I Then get inspired to make more art. See what inspires me:  I pay for all my media.  My music is mostly itunes and vinyl and my movies are a digital collection purchased.  Support the arts.  Buy don't just stream.  use the stream to discover new art. 

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