May 26, 1967

May 26, 1967

May 26, 1967 Fri.

Breakfast and Greg Peggy, Ray and I walk in most beautiful city, Monte Carlo.

note:  back to thurs. night a moment.

the four of us see the casino - play a slot machine across a bowling alley - see yacht ... Christina and gorgeous harbor.  Have a beer and went to bed.

Now May 26, Fri

Walk to palace and wander around beautiful walk in gardens along Mediterranean and back to hotel for lousy lunch.  We, Ray and I, skip the tour.   Ray rests.  I go to beach - on way meet Sheelah - we go together - finally find it.  In suit under shirts but Sheelah didn't Hard time getting her suit on on beach.  At least we waded in the Medit! Ice cold.  Sat in sun and got a little tan, wrote postcards and watched some handy boys swim in cold water.  Lovely time.  Found our way back to hotel, Ray rested and I dressed.  Shiela said was motion picture camera round the casino.  Ray and I took a bus to Nice which was a delightful ride.  Got off any old place and walked to a restaurant called Le Nautique.  We had escargot (snails) chips, sauces, (links) , a plate of sandwiches and two beers a piece.  A typical French restaurant - inside like a ship. We continued walking on Promenade Engles - oh so interesting - we finally reached the hotel to end all hotels (last one in Nice) Ne Gresco, where we were supposed to run into the Barnes'.  No luck.  ... I wanted to stay here in Nice someday!!  Walked back to bus stop.  Part of way on Cote d Ajur all lit up.  fabulous.  Take bus to Monte Carlo and saw the two destroyers we saw earlier all lit up too.  Got off at Casino and had a peach melba across from it.  Delicous.  Home to bed.  ugh.

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