May 25, 1967

May 25, 1967

May 25, 1967 Thurs.


Up early as we leave at 7:00 A.M.  Clerk at desk confides in Ray that Globus is known in the trade as the Speedy Gonzales tour.  Zoom!!!

     Getting dressed had interesting experience in bathtub - turned wrong faucet!  Now on to Monte Carlo - Wonder if we'll see Grace?  (Its Corpus Christi day today). We've just gone through the birthplace town of Puccini - Torri de Largo - Stopped at Lago Volsena for tea - skipped stories here a little chilly. 

drive very dangerous mountain roads its raining too - drive along side - through them - through actual clouds!!!  Weather turns rainy and colder and windy.  Very exciting drive - rocking craddle effects tires eveything and makes them sleepy - first glimpse of Mediterranean and is rough and windy.  This I think is Le Spezta.  In mountains stop at Kon Tiki Hotel... Dinner.  They have a beautiful spot overlooking the hotel.  Had delightful ...capuccino and bought goodies to take with.  Through Vitery -  Santa Rosa where two popes stayed - Miranare Hotel Very famous place - Rapollo Elizabeth of Austria came here - her son Rudolph got himself  (Mayerling) - Italian Riviera - Zzar of Russia used to come before WWI - Spotosno for lunch on the Riviera - never such beauties...mentioned we crossed the boarder to France - on to Monaco.

p.s. Torre delazo - Puccini born here

Monaco - fairy tale place - Palm Beach with rolling mountains.  Palace is lovely.


Note: drive through mountains in side - but some - along - lower slopes - clouds - hair raising.

Hotel in Monaco absolutely rock bottom lousy.  Instead of going up to room we go dinner 2 or 3 flights to our fine room, although we have 3 beds.  No sleep. Sun in eyes at 4:30 am restaurant in hotel open yet.  We breakfast. 

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