June 8, 1968

June 8, 1968

June 8, 1968

      Another nice shower and good breakfast and off to R. R. Station.  Am writing on train now, but is different so shall come back to here later.  (train is swell). Waited about 20 minutes but everything in order.  Have four seats together - 2 back, 2 forward.  Go through grand Scottish countryside sipping coffee and biscuits.  Crossed into England at Berwick - upon -Tweed.  Sheep - since on the train look different - some are shorn, some not.  Also thinner coats than mountain sheep.  Go along SW coast.  

     See what we imagine to be Victory gardens.  Are going to have lunch in next car around 1:00 pm.  

     Lunch delicious, spaghetti, steak, baked apple, pudding, etc.

      Arrive at Kings Cross Station and wait in long line for cabby.  They again are just as thick as "beatles" scurrying around.  Have cabby take us to Liverpool station via Carmandy St, picadilly Circus, Trafalagar - along embankment end and get a quick glimpse of Tower Bridge, then Liverpool Station.  See about luggage and reservation of train.  

     Delightful porter.  Start out for a short walk - as this is only a 2 hour layover in London between trains.  Walking in the city we stumble on to the dinner part of the Queen's day of celebrations and events - Guild Hall.  Just a handful of people , but many dignitaries.  It's not broadcasted around.  Here comes her majesty!  She smiles at us.  We see her just a foot or so away.  She's lovely as I remember her and we can see that she is tired, though.  

     Back to station and eat at snack place - all kinds of at least satisfying snacks plus fresh pineapple slice.

     Get train to Harwich - O.K. tired - 6 in compartment - Arrive 9:15 at boat.  -  S.S. Amsterdam - launched in 1950 - 


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