June 6, 1968

June 6, 1968

June 6, 1968

Had delicious breakfast - sweet rolls jam and coffee and as the pilot made up time we lost we landed at 6:20 am.  (our time) Weather a bit brisk but beautiful and view of town from our terminal very interesting and quaint.  Oh forgot - landed in such a hurry, we three didn't get our landing cards and everybody is off the plane but us.  It was real funny.  Went through customs. Cleared up a bit - wrote cards to folks - had coffee - Dave lost his sunglasses, but just before 9:30 bus to Edinburgh we found them.   

     Scottish porter a most friendly and delightful man.  All shocked about Kennedy and still hoping he'll survive.  

     Rather cool but clear out.  Bus ride through Scottish hills and dales gave us a most favorable and beautiful picture of Scotland.  As you would imagine Ireland would look.  I feel more kinship with this land than any we've been through.  Grazing land is so green and rolling - so many castle and sheep.  We all can hardly hold our heads up and dose off despite wanting to see everything.  Ride is very long but wonderful.  Houses picturesque and so clean - windows sparkle like Holland's did.  

      Arrive in Edinburgh a little after 12:00 noon.  

      Well!  It's marvelous England in the countryside!  City is huge and lovely.  Part modern - then see the gorgeous cliffs of old city - one side all historical - other side busting with shops etc. - a beautiful arrangement.  Edinburgh fortress castle looking down on all.  

      Architecture of new stuff purposefully done with old world charm.

      Get taxi to our hotel Allen.  On lovely street - hotel very modest. - a little shabby - very old but certainly up for what we want.  Nice people - she says to leave clothes (soiled) on the floor and she'll wash them.  Rooms have heaters and ours in fireplace where you put schilling in and turn for heat.  Bathroom down the hall has shower.  After quick wash up we set out for tour office and get our S. S. lined up.  Also for Loch Lomond tomorrow.  Had to change that one but Okay because got another from 8:45 to 10:00 pm.  

     Anyway while waiting for city S. S. tour have a small R.R. station - 10 schilling.  Sandwiches and coffee.  kind of funny but O.K.  

      Tour bus has a delightful guide who has more energy than most.  Liked her tremendously.  Go to the center point up the cliffs to the most wonderful fortress - Edinburgh Castle - all past history of the city is still visible in this marvelous city.  Castle the best histories in one spot there.  

     Royal mile - Princes Street - St. Giles with the order of the Thistle - The Chapel Royal in the Palace of Holyrood House, so much more to see and remember -  Queen mother going to a garden party but that doesn't phase our guide - we manage to tour through it - see the secret rooms of Mary Queen of Scots - go upstairs to chamber where D. Rizzo was murdered.  Get a very good history lecture from Scottish guide who made everything come to life.  Scamper around to glimpse Queen Mother and think might have caught a glimpse but not sure.  Saw where Queen Elizabeth and royal family have state banquets etc. etc. Try, but can't absorb all history that is told constantly to us.  Tom and Dave could have stayed at Edinburgh castle for three more days.  Memorial to Scots terrific and well done - clean and thorough.  Remember gamblers house with ace of spades house - volcanic hills - lochs - .  Yellow flowers on clumps of what appeared to be evergreens.  Everything so interesting as you could dream up.  

     The S. S. tour was so full we were dozing in the hustle and bustle traffic.  It ended about 6:00 pm.  and off we were to Hammer Street.  to find Leigh Coffee House that Kathy had picked out for us to visit. 

Heard about death of Kennedy and are all shocked and regretful.

We found the Coffee house and were the only tourists there.  I don't quite know how to describe this.  Small crowded characters, and typical and ordinary alike.  The owner and actor Maultese Kellsall (the man who never was).  we remember his face as soon as we see it.  Talk to him about the day.  He's busier than ten people and finds seats for everybody under impossible conditions.  Food is crazy to me because I pick out wrong combinations.  Smoked fish scrambled eggs, rice with apples, asparagus with vinegar - etc.  Now after reading the book we see how we goofed.  At any rate it was quite an interesting adventure in this old fashioned coffee house.  Remember the two English gals confiding our tea and taking up space making the owner nervous.  Back to the hotel and collapsed in the bed until 8:00 pm.  Ray and I slept right through till 4:00 am.


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