May 30, 1945 1pm

May 30, 1945 1pm

May 30, 1945 1pm

     Hello Darling,

     How about running over to Palmer House and seeing if you can't get reservations on United Airlines for a week from Friday.  That would be around June 8th.  If you need any money for the fare let me know and I'll get out my loaded dice.

      Here's what I figured on.  I can get reservations at some hotel in Omaha and fix it up with one of my chums to call if anything comes up.  It's only about two hours from Lincoln.  I'll have someone sign in for me Sat. and I'll stay in omaha too.  We can have Friday night, all day and night Saturday and most of Sunday together.  Omaha's a swell town and we could have a super duper time there.  

      We'll never have anymore trouble "about a certain matter". Shucks that's not why I want to have you come here.  I'm just as happy holding hands with you in the middle of a crowd.  I'll tell you what - In you next letter you let me know if you'd rather have two separate rooms.  It'll interfere with our breakfast in bed but if you say it I'll do it.  

     Gee whiz, let's not plan on disasters.  We're going to be together and have a good time.

      If nothing interferes with our being together we ought to be able to handle ourselves.

      Plan on coming Honey.  I'll try my hardest to make you feel glad that you did.  

      Gee whiz, if you want bring Eddie along for a chaperone.

     I love you very much and I am hoping and praying that you can make it.  Write quick and let me know.

     All my love


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