May 30, 1945

May 30, 1945

May 30, 1945

     Ahoy Sweetheart,

     How the heck can the weather be so bad so much?  I wish you'd explain it all to me.  Confusion has set in.

      About this odd sized heel you've been going around with.  You say he works for Marshall Fields and he has no toes.  Gee whiz, first it's taxi drivers and now it's department store clerks with no toes.  How old is he?  Do I know him?  Is he as pretty as I am?  Has he money?  I don't think I like him!  So there!

      Darling if your head was shaped like mine you'd wear your hat cocked too.  And anyway you almost bought the hat that Lou had so you should talk.  I am seriously thinking of wearing a derby after the war.  It would make me look quite dignified.  It'll go well with earmuffs too.  With my gnatty mustache I'll be zooty.  So I'm a Hot shot Charlie, huh??

     How come all of a sudden you've got an aunt Lorriene who reviews books?  Why doesn't someone tell me these things?  Maybe she has some influence in the literary world.  You wanted to know if there was something you could send me -- ya know if we ever have a home, we'll probably have to put furniture in it.  I'm not much up to that sort of stuff but I do think that periodic furniture is nice.  Now it just so happens that there is a book out that is very descriptive of the type of furniture I like.  The name of the book is "Forever Amber". and I'm sure I could pick up many helpful hints from it - about furniture.  Now if Aunt L. could use her drag we might be able to swing it.

      Have you and Mabel stopped playing hard to get with each other?  I'll bet you were both burning and cursing each other.  Isn't the scenery interesting in the lobby?

      Sweetie Pie, Lovey Dove, Honey Bun, can I read your diary someday?

      I've been reading some high class stuff lately.  The ones I like best are  "The Gorgeous Ghoul", "Homicide for Hannah", and "Who Threw the Acid on Grandma's Corpse".  Most everything I know I owe to my beloved books.  

      After I talked to you I went for, of all things, a street car ride.  Very interesting.   Do you know that all of the funeral homes in Omaha are in one block!  Well they are!  Also on the corner of 43rd and L street you can get genuine bourbon for 30 cents a slug.   There's a little show at 33rd and J called the Circle.  I saw "Roughly Speaking" there.  It was swell.  I think I like Jack Carson.  One scene when his hat was on fire brought down the house -m e too.  After the show I walked back downtown and rubbernecked with the natives.  I had a very enjoyable day but if I tried to explain it to any of the gang they'd think I was loco.

     Hey, guess what?  I was sitting in the Post theater last night reading a book before the show started.  From out of nowhere (the seat in back of mine) a voice says quote, "Ahoy Raider".  I screamed shuddered shook and stopped breathing.  It couldn't be -  it was impossible - such a thing couldn't happen - it could - it was - it did.  My arch enemy and very close friend "the Baron".  None other than Walter Lischke.  He and I were at Miami, Oswego, Nashville, Columbus, Maxwell, and Tyndall together.  We spent half the night chewing the fat about our cadet days.  He's a flight officer and a Bombardier.  I sure was glad to run into him again.  

      I gotta see this lemon colored dress.  Sounds super.

     My cold is coming along great and I'm quite proud of it.  No cough as yet.

     Say, I hope you are feeling well, but according to mathematics you shouldn't be.  I don't try to keep track of you but usually that and payday are close together.  That's why I never could enjoy being paid.  I don't suppose you could change the dates could you?  I asked the army but they wouldn't.  

     Methinks I'll meander over to the mess hall and break bread with the K. P.s

      Tell Bill to shake hands with you for me.

     Bye Sweetheart.  I'll be thinking of you.

   Lots of Love


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