March 23, 1943

March 23, 1943

March 23, 1943

Dear Shirley,

      I wish I could have seen you this morning so I could have told you this instead of having to write it.  

     I did something very wrong and I hope I'm not to late to make it right.  I don't know if I can give a decent explanation, but I'll try.

      You have never hurt me.  I do it myself.  I expect things I don't rate and sometimes I get those green eyes.  Since Christmas you have been well to me.  More considerate than ever deserved.  I didn't appreciate it, but I do now.  Whatever we did or wherever we went , you were always agreeable.  You never complained.  I know how hard you had to work and still I kept you up late.  You were always there when I called.  Whatever I wanted to do you said "swell".  I am the one that is inconsiderate and selfish.  I'm the one that should change.  

      You have some problems that you have to straighten out by yourself.  I had no business asking the questions I did.  It wasn't fair to you.  I was hitting below the belt.  I wasn't trying to understand.  I wanted you to see things my way and my way is wrong.  I'd like to be the kind of guy you'd like me to be because I think that kind would be nice.  The kind of guy I have been isn't nice.  I understand how you feel now and I know that you are right.  You have been all along.  

      I don't know how I could have said all of those things last night.  They weren't true.  As soon as I left I knew that.  Some of those things must have really hurt you.  I hope that someday I can do something good enough for you to make up for some of the bad.  You deserve the best.  You're fine sweet and understanding.  Everything a fellow could ask for in a girl.  You have been so darned well to me and I have been so darned rotten to you.  Forget about what I asked you last night.  I didn't have any right to ask it.  I'd like to ask this.  Please let me see you once in awhile.  Please forgive me for how I've acted.   I'll try and change.  I will change.  I was wrong.  

     I do love you Shirley, and I'm very proud of that because any good that's in me is because of my love for you.

     Whatever happens , I want you to know that I think you are tops.  You always will be.  Please don't change.  I 'm glad I wrote this because I know it's right.  I hope you will believe it.

  Love Ray


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