June 1, 1945

June 1, 1945

June 1, 1945

      My Darling,

      I was a settin and awaitin when suddenly I said to myself, "Why don't you write to Shirl."  That's just exactly what I'm agonna do.

     Confession is good for the soul - it says, so I shall make a confession to you.  Ya know, I've always wanted to write a book.  Kindly stop laughing!  Now then - you like to paint and draw etc and all stuff like that there, don't you?  So here's what.  After we're all settled down let's set aside one evening a week when you can put on your beret and smock and drag out your easel and I'll dust off the typewriter and we'll both follow our art.  I'll look at your pictures and sketches and you can read my latest seven chapters and we'll spend hours praising each other.  Of course, we'll probably have to keep this a secret so we're not talked about, but let's do it, huh?  

     Shipping orders come up everyday but so far I've not been on any.  I don't like this not knowing stuff.  I ain't so good at just sitting.

     Received a letter from Bill today.  He had a lot to say, but the one thing that hit me was this.  He wants to know if we couldn't get together and buy an airplane and fly all of us to Mexico.  I've never mentioned Mexico to him before.  See why I think so much of the guy?  We always have thought about the same things at about the same time.

      That brings about a point.  Bill and I always planned on becoming partners in some sort of scheme after the war.  No set plans and no set place.  We always worked well together.  He didn't hint or suggest or anything - he came right out and asked.  He wants to know what cooks now that it's you and me.  I haven't been doing much thinking about it and won't say much till I know how you feel about it.  There are things both for and against it.  Sort of think it over and let me know how you feel.  I always had a feeling that it would be a touchy subject so I didn't mention it to you.  I don't exactly know why I felt this way.  Maybe I'm all wet.  This is one thing that you have the final say so about and either way will be O.K. with me.  Lemme know, huh kiddo?

     So far it's been raining all day and there's no sign of a let up.  Gee whiz, I was only kidding about it raining thirty days and thirty nights.  They must have took me serious upstairs.  Besides, my raincoat leaks.

     All of a sudden - bam - cigarettes are rationed - but good.  We can only get six packages a week from here on.  That isn't just this field, it's the whole army.  I'll try and get you some somehow, but if someone offers you a pack don't refuse them - I may not be successful.  

     Hey there how about those pictures I was asking about?  I'm dying to see how I look in your Dad's civilian clothes.

      Aw shucks, I'm going up to the club and guzzle some hot chocolate.

     I wish to hell I knew just what cooks around here.  I'm beginning to get downright lazy.

      Better sign off now - I'm getting nervous.

Bye Angel - I love you


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