July 6, 1945

July 6, 1945

July 6, 1945

      Ahoy Honey,

      What's cookin kiddo?  When you go silent on me you usually have some troubles.  Gee, I've only gotten two letters from you in almost a month.  What's wrong honey, anything I can help you with?

     How's about doing some fast and furious writing for about twenty days or so.   I'll be going overseas in less than three weeks so there ain't much time.

      Our crew was dissolved like I figured it would be.  Another crew cracked up last week and the Radar man is unable to fly anymore and the engineer has amnesia so me and the engineer of our old crew was put on this one.  We're leaving here the 17th of this month.  We'll go pick up a new ship in Kansas, fly to Sacramento, gas up there and point our nose for Honolulu.  I'll probably be on Guam before this month ends.  So see why yah gotta write much and quick?

     You'd get a kick out of seeing the new crew.  They look like an ad for some bandage company.  Our co-pilot is from Desplaines - big deal huh?  I only met them this morning so I didn't catch all of their names.   The Pilot is Leonard Buchanan, and the C. P. is called "Swede".   The new crew number is 1091.  I'll find out more about them in a couple of days.  They seem like a good bunch of guys.  At least there's a couple of Yankees in the outfit.  

      Mom's gonna send me the thermos bottle so once again I'll be drinking coffee under the palm trees.

     Say, by gum I haven't been to bed in a day and a half so i do believe I shall retire now.  

      You write quick or I'll tell everyone at the bank that you've got hair on your chest - so there.  Bye Darling

       Love and Kisses 


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