July 25, 1945

July 25, 1945

July 25, 1945

Hi Sweetheart,

Much water has flown-ed under the bridge these last couple of days. Some good, some bad. For one thing, the Konens' are now engaged in a great Civil War. Me on one side and the rest of the clan agin me. However, for once I am actually right and have been the victim of much skullduggery. Speaking of whipper snappers, my father is the king of them all. He is an arch whippersnapper among such whippersnappers. He has pulled a fast one on me. We have discovered each other and I am seriously considered adopting the name of O'Toole. I'd explain it all to you but I'm not quite sure what it's all about. At any rate, many people have been called so and so's and such. I have been called some of the choicest names imaginable. Agnes threw in her two cents worth too - Wow! It's doubtful that there will be an more jolly correspondence between us, but if there is I'll keep you informed. My last letter to them should have scorched an eyebrow or two.

I received Eddie's letter yesterday. It started out, "How are you?" I am find" tsk tsk. We must get after his spelling. He told me some secrets, politely, of course, I can't tell you. I'll write him today.

I'm glad about "THAT IS ALL" !

Act II is finished but being an original manuscript it has all sorts of Authors notes and chickens tracks on it so I'll have to make a copy of it. Expect it within a third of a fortnight ??? Must say though, the best thing I've ever written.

Just killed my 3,647,596th mosquito. I wrung it's neck with my bare hands.

Just worked out a new "Financial Plan". We shall be clear with the world on Feb. 28th at midnight. From then until the time I return overseas there'll be $170.00 a month sent home for savings. You're doggone right, it's much better to get things cleared up as soon as possible

Was that 250 degrees above measured in Farenheit or centigrade? If it was centigrade it would only be about 200 degrees farenheit or vice versa. Never can get the two straight. In spite of the heat, don't you go tripping around the bank immodestly clad!

I figured you'd understand the stuff in the last letter. Glad I got it off my chest.

Found out a couple more of the crew's names.

Copilot - William Shepard 1st Lt.

Engineer - (NO KIDDING) Gildersleeve 2nd LT.

We have no navigator yet.

A fellow left his guitar with me while he's on leave and Hardy's quite torrid on a sweet potato so we have concerts every evening. We ought to call ourselves "The Flying Minstrels." So far all of the crew is insane and I feel quite at home with them. We stole a clothes closet the other day.

Damn it, there's a cowboy that keeps walking up and down the hall. He annoys me.

Still haven't finished V. of D. If those two don't get together pretty soon they won't have much fun. They are both close to sixty now.

My ring size is 7 9/16. Now are you satisfied!! Also I have a size 9 1/2 thumb. Very few people in this world have a size 9 1/2 thumb. I'm quite proud of it.

As of last night I am violently in love with June Alyson.  She babbles.  D. Durbin will have to take her place among my cast offs.  

It is not proper for young ladies to go around liking "Amber".  Now you stop that.  Hey, what's the latest on Aunt Laurine?  Has she dropped into obscurity?  (NIFTY PHRASING EH?)

Ramshaw will have to be patient until after payday - Seems to me I've sung that song before.  

What kind of anticipations is antagonizing anticipation and stop writing such damn long words.

This afternoon I'm going into Tucson. and do my semi monthly window shopping.  Gotta keep up on the latest styles.  Is there anything that you'd like to look at for me?  (Something wrong there).  To hell with it, I won't go to school.  A guy just came in talking about school - that last word should have been town -- To hell with everything!  He said you were cute! Nice guy!  Smart too!  

Howdy smoses!

Whilst in town I shall go to the salvation army and sponge donuts and coffee from them.  

May have to sing a couple of hymns with them but I'll have plenty of time.  I especially like "Someone is sinking tonight."

All right then - don't kiss Terry!  See if I care.

There goes that cowboy again!  

Why is it that whenever I use an exclamation point I can never get the dot right over the doo dad?  It should be fairly simple.

Would you like to raise foxes?

Gotta shave and stuff now.

     Au Revoir (that means good bye or something)

I Love you.


P.S. No P. S. Today


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