July 22, 1945

July 22, 1945

July 22, 1945

     My lil Sugarplum,

     Just exactly why did you have to bring up Bertha in the first place.  Now you've got me completely mixed up.  At first I thought she was a woman that worked at the bank.  The way it looks now, she's an employed fandancer who wears only a babushka.  You do meet such quaint people Darling.

     After my emotional outburst I am once again the same sensible person as of previous years.  Don't you think I was corny?

     Went to town last night and saw a reshowing of "Hell's Angels".  Guess who the heroes were?  None other than the Rutledge boys, Monte and Ray.  You Rutledges get around, eh kid?  Jean Harlow was in it too.  She wore very little and That was flapping in the breeze.  To me, she didn't seem to have too much on the ball.  

     Have you had a birthday yet that you didn't receive at least one nail polish set?

They seem to be standard equipment for birthdays.  Never, say never, shall you receive a nail polish set from me.  

    Your talking about my murdering you inspired me to great heights.  I am going to write a short play about it.  Act I is finished and I'm sending it on.  It's sort of dull to start off, but act II gets more Loveley[sic] ???  You'll get act II in the next letter.  It ain't finished yet.

     Hey, those cactuses (cacti) (beats me)were insured for safe delivery.  We was robbed!  The U.S. mail must be going to the dogs.

      Your steadying influence has taken its toll on me.  I'm struggling through "Valley of Decision," now.  Not even a petty crime in it.  Did read a good murder mystery before I started "V of D " though.  "Three Short Beirs" __more murdered midgets.  Gee whiz, only a low down no good so and so would go around murdering female midgets.

     Sounds like a swell collection of records you got.  Bill has good musical taste.  Especially, "Laura".  It fascinates me!  You fascinate me too!

     How did you manage to eat all of that stuff in only one day?  No wonder you had ptomaine.

     You asked "Who's got $500.00".  That's an excellent question and well put too.  However it's quite foolish.  No one has that much money.  

      Been thinkin it over and I've decided you're idea is best.  I'll try and get everything paid up as soon as possible.  Might be able to swing it in 7 or 8 months.  Would you mind if I sent Row show, half a dozen red and yellow candles?  I'd like to do something nice like that for him.  

      Hey, I like S. Rutledge doggone near any way there is.  You look like you!  And that's not bad.

     Did you get the sconce thing from Mabel yet?

      I'll work on that getting a picture taken however, usually they don't turn out so hot.

      Don't worry about anything for my birthday.  I don't like to be reminded of my increasing age.  Just wrap up a kiss and send it.

       Went swimming this morning and decided that I must be smoking too much.  Also, ran around the track a couple of times.  Don't worry though, I'll be able to walk by Wednesday.  

      Just ate bananas.  Very good!

      From hitherto onward I'm just ignoring, and cracks about H. S. Charlie!  So there!  

     How were you this last week?  This is a delicate subject for me to write about.  I'm just worried about those angel's singing.  Lemme know, huh?

      Better chug along so I can get this in the 16:30 mail

      So long, honey.  Be seeing you.

      All my love




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