July 2, 1945

July 2, 1945

July 2, 1945

      Hello Sweetheart,

     Gee I wish I were with you today.  I'd call you but I'm busted and I wouldn't want to stick you with a big bill.  I hope you had a swell birthday!

      I would have written Friday right after I got your letter, but Hell's apoppin around here and I thought things would be straightened out by now.  They aren't!        "Our Day" has been changed from Aug 5th to July 17th.  Our first pilot is still in the hospital and if he stays in for four or five more days it will be impossible for our crew to finish by the 17th.  That'll mean we'll be put in a replacement pool and dissolved as a crew.  If this happens there are a dozen things that could come of it.  If some other crew loses a radar man I could be put on it and still go out on the 17th.  Or, I could be assigned to a crew starting July 5th and go all the way through ten weeks training with them.  Being a replacement, I could join any crew at any time and stick with them.  What it all adds up to is - I'll being going over sometime between the 17th of July and November 1st.  Here today and Guam tomorrow - joke!  For the 6, 346, 81 time  - I don't know where the hell I stand.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if they sent me out to bomb Berlin.  I, Madame, am America's Secret Weapon! By Gumb! 

      Bill will just have to be patient!  I won't get paid until the 15th or so. 

      Did you like the red thing?  They're also hard to get.  Now all we have to do is fill it up.  What the holy haddock is "fuscha"?  Sounds like sneeze powder.  Want a hint about what to send me for my birthday?  If'n I'm gonna be here for any length of time - send the following.  A gadget - about 5' 6 1/2' tall - weight about 115 (I hope) - sort of a radiant color - well curved -  sparkling eyes - reddish brown hair, all fluffed up - an exotic nose - very wonderful lips and hips - the cutest little - ahem - smooth interesting legs with ankles to match, and open toed shoes.  Wrap it in a marriage license and ship it out air express.  This sure sounds like a good idea.  Dya think we could swing it?

      Don't eat dill pickles and chocolate ice cream at the same meal.  Violent consequences result. 

      Spent a couple of hours swimming this week. The injuns ain't got nothin on me.  Me redskin to  - ugh! 

      You want to know how I was always able to find you, huh?  It's simple - I just never stopped looking until I did.  Never will either, by golly! 

       You shouldn't ought to have brung up the subject of barbers and haircuts.  On this field works one of the g'damndest son of mismatched parents ever to swing a clipper.  He has absolutely no imagination.  He has the soul of a cod fish and the brain of a socially diseased aard vaark.  I would take great pleasure in doing something that involved the use of turpentine and pliers.  He should have a cyanic acid transfusion.  I hope all his children are midgets and acrobats.       

      Say, how about those pictures??

      Honey, I don't know much about what you have to have done.  Why do you have to get all the bad breaks?  If it will do you the least bit of good though, you ought to take care of it right away.  Will you have to go to a hospital and have an operation?  If you don't mind, I'd prefer to worry.  Gee, Darling, I don't know what to say.  It just isn't fair to you.  These last couple of years you've been taking a beating that you don't deserve.  Why don't you chuck everything and come to Arizona?  Maybe we could squeeze a lifetime into a couple weeks.  Couldn't we give it a try?

      I've got a class at noon so I'd better get ready for it.  It isn't very nice of the army to hold classes on your birthday.  Sometimes they're very inconsiderate.  

     By Darling,

     I love you


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