July 16, 1945

July 16, 1945

July 16, 1945

      My Dear Little Flower,

     Wouldn't it have been swell if we'd had television when I called you?  I just adore you in a bathing cap.

     Things are picking up around here.  Got a letter from you yesterday chewing me out slightly and one today.  It's too bad things are moving slow and dull for you.  Bee's, broken noses, failing eyesight, immodest phone procedure, literary brothers, toeless shoes, losing keys, great thirst??  , an operation that doesn't require operating, mixed up mail, and Bertha with the sinus.  Yea Honey things are dull all over.  It's a good thing you're not in the airforce, you'd die of boredom.  I don't know how the hell you get mixed up in all these things, but they sound exciting so I reckon it's all O.K.

     Including today's letter I've received four altogether since I've been here.  

      Is this eyesight failing permanent or temporary?  Did you have done what you were supposed to have done?  Is you is or is you ain't?  Who the hell is Bertha with the sinus?  What was the trouble at the bank?  Down with Ramshackle!  Too bad you didn't go to the dunes with Bill - then you could say you were to the dunes with a dane!  Not so good, huh?  What all did you get for your birthday?  Which records did you get?  What about this present from Bill?  Hey, I sent his yesterday.

     D'ya want the financial standing of the corp. up to date?  Roger!  I'm broke!  But, I have plans.  I've made out allotments on my pay while overseas.  Starting Sept 1st I'm having $110.00 a month sent home for savings and $80.00 a month for debts.  On Sept. 1st I'll owe a total of $780 so I'll have that paid off in ten months.  At the same time, at the end of the year we'll have about $1500 in the bank clear.  With mustering out pay and raining in crap games we should have about 2000.  That'll give us a start anyway.  Of course, all this is figured on smooth sailing.  If something comes up we'll be slightly poorer.

     We finished flying here yesterday, Friday the 13th.  We refused to leave the ground.  Our ship number was 13.  Too much is already more than sufficient.  We're having a crew party at the Santa Rita Hotel tonight.  I wish you were going to be there. 

     I think those pictures I was telling you about were going to be in "Life".  They should be in the next issue or so. 

     Say, last night I was on a cigarette hunt in town.  I was standing in front of a magazine stand looking at the pin up covers and an old geezer started talking to me.  So help me, he asked me if anyone had ever told me I looked like Doug Fairbanks Jr. Then he looked at my nose and said, yep, even from a profile.  He said he was a symphony conductor for M.G.M.  and had worked with D.F.Jr.  several times.  For awhile my chest expanded and I slithered along the sidewalk like a ballet dancer but then I stopped to think.  D. F. Jr. always gave me a pain and he didn't strike me as looking so hot.  Damnit I was insulted and didn't even know it.  Isn't that a pistol?

     Does your cigarette taste different lately?  Mine does, it's a Kool. 

     Swede, our Co-Pilot lives in Des Plaines.  He has a car and if we can get a day or two off we'll drive like the wind to Chicago.  The odds aren't so hot though so I'm just figuring on it a little bit.

     The thermos bottle filled with hot coffee is always within arm's reach now.  It would be lots better if you were pouring. 

     We'll be leaving in a troop train sometime on Tuesday for Topeka.  I'll wire you as soon as I get there and find out what cooks.

     Gotta go to class now.  If I get a chance I'll write you again before I leave. 

     I do a mess of missing about you.

     Bye Darling

         My love to You


 P.S. Don't forget to tell me about Bertha

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