Feb. 25, 1943

Feb. 25, 1943

Feb. 25, 1943

Dear Shirly,

     I got on the train and sat down.  I can't remember the train pulling out of the depot.  I was rolled off at Tomah and caught a ride back to camp in time to go out for a two hour hike.  I came back and lay down on my bunk.  I was dragged out in time for school.  After school I dove into bed and slept for ten whole hours.  Next to you, I love beds best.  (don't take this wrong)

     Yesterday on our hike, Stinky was hit by a car.  We were about five miles from school on a lonely road.  Stinky couldn't walk so another student and I took turns carrying him back.  We carried him for about an hour before we flagged a car.  Then we rushed him to the hospital and started yelling for doctors.  That dog had better treatment than I ever had.  Even the Major was helping.  They x rayed him, shaved the bruised parts, bandaged him up and put him to bed.  We hooked some food from the mess hall and fed him like a baby.  The poor mutt has four broken ribs, and a broken hind leg, blind in one eye and a bad bruise on the head, but he is going to live.  I was over to the hospital right after school to see him.  The way his tail wagged and the look in his eye was something I'll never forget.  He sure said thank you.  

     The damned pooch had eight G. I. doctors, from the Major down, and two vets, that we had from Tomah.  How can anyone lick a bunch of guys that will do so much for just a dog!

     We're supposed to graduate and be shipped Monday.  These five weeks sure did fly by.  As a matter of fact the whole six months so far has gone fast.  Saturday will be my sixth anniversary.  I hope I can enjoy many more.  

    When I was in the depot Monday night I noticed the headlines about the 850 who were lost in those transport sinkings.  That's a rotten thing.  You don't even have a fighting chance.  

     Did I tell you how swell you looked in your new coat?  Did I tell you how well you looked period?

     It's below zero again.  My blood is freezing again.  I'll never smile again.  etc, etc, etc, When Irish eyes are Smiling.  Oh me, can't think of much to say.  Won't say much then, except

         Love and Kisses



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