Feb. 17, 1943

Feb. 17, 1943

Feb. 17, 1943

Dear Shirl,

     Today I am happy because yesterday has passed which makes Monday one day closer.  Ain't it?

     What kind of a coat are you going to get.  Gee Honey, I'll bet you will look super in it.  You look super anyway so with a silver fox or sump'n you'll look super'er.  

  Don't eat much breakfast Monday morning.  I'll pick you up early and we''l have an early dinner.  How would you like to go to the Empire Room?  They serve the bestest hotdogs.  

     Kelly told me he certainly thought you were a beautiful girl.  He had a good time at his friends' so we were a couple of happy soldiers coming back.  We met the mail truck at the depot and caught a ride to school.

     When comes it, that picture?

     Yesterday, at school, we were told that we would probably do some parachute jumping.  I'm trying to forget all those corny jokes.  They just ain't funny.

     Last night I was listening to some short wave, and what do you think I heard?  The Stroh's program being broadcast from Pruddens auditorium in Lansing.  I'll bet pop was standing right there within shouting range.  

     Ya know, I think I am actually going to enjoy the museum.  The last time I was there with the seventh grade class at Young.  Now I'm going again with some more class.  

    Gee, Fu Manchu sure has Smith in a terrible spot.  I'll find out how he escapes in a couple of days. "Casablanca" is going to be here tomorrow.  I'll bet it is good.  I'm going to study Bogie's style.  Heh heh.

     Time for school again.  You'll pardon me for a little while?

          Love and Kisses




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