circa 1943

circa 1943

Dearly Shirley,

     My oh my, doesn't the time pass slowly these days?  In exactly 31 hours 4 minutes and 12 seconds. I shall start my furlough - I hope , I hope, I hope.  I;m not at all excited.  Calm and cool - that's me.  Bah - who am I kidding - I'm a nervous wreck.  

     Hey, did you see this morning's Tribune?  Quite a write up about all the stuff and things we work on up here.  

     You should be very proud of me!  I haven't caused any sensations or been in any trouble since last time I was in.  Quite a record, what?  Of course I did cause a mixup in the NCO's club, but I got out of it.  Our C.O. told me I should have been a Philidelphia Laywer.  I wonder if I should resent this.  My good name has been trounced upon.

     Hey do you know what the height of ambitioin is?????  An ant, crawling up an elephant's leg with rape in his eyes.

      I got a letter from Bill.  He has decided to fall madly in love with you.  I wonder why? (dopey ain't I). He has started to copy ... on the piano.  I suppose beethoven is jealous as the devil.  

     I saw a very good picture the other day but can't think of the name of it and anyway it wasn't any good, but it was better than digging Fox holes.

     I think I'll become a Rabbi.  How's everything at the C. I. N. B of C?  How is chum Harry?  Loveable as ever?  How's little Eddie coming along?  Better yet?  I feel very pacific.  I love everybody.  Especially you, roast duck and furloughs.

     Pop sent me a five pound box of cookies.  I was so shocked I nearly swooned.  Betcha he traded a case of beer for them.

     Remind me to tell you about our Holy Foo meeting.  It was very good. 

     Shall we go see , "Maid in the Ozarks."   My curiosity is aroused.  How about Orchestra Hall Sunday evening?  A good symphony always arouses the passions in me.  That among other things.   As a matter of fact I guess I'm just naturally passionate.  Stop laughing!  All right, so I'm a clam.  I can dream can't I?  How can I dream?  - I can't even sleep.  I'm a nervous wreck.  I have a date with Loretta Young next Thursday.  Me and 40,000 other guys .  She and I are both going to be at Custer at the same time.  Lucky her. 

    See you at noon next Sunday.

Till then

Love and X's 




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