August 8, 1944

August 8, 1944

August 8, 1944

      Darling Shirley,

       What a climate!  We spent all day out on the flight line waiting for the weather to clear up.  It started to rain Wednesday and has kept it up steadily till this evening.  We're about six hours behind in our flying.  Hey, I'm in Liberators now.  They're bigger than a "17". but not quite as maneuverable.  I ride in an Emerson turret in the nose and play tag with the seagulls.  When I fire the twin "50's" the whole plane shakes.  We'll have to get a couple of machine guns after the war.  They're much more fun than fire crackers.   We could play some practical jokes on the bank.

     Two more weeks to go here, then on to another base.  Our next camp should be in either Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California.  I'll probably end up at some oasis in the middle of nowhere. 

      Wednesday night we wound up our flying early so I got to go to a show.  Guess what was playing -- "the Mummy's Ghost".  It was rugged.  I missed you.

      Honey, the bracelet was super swell.  Thanks a lot.  A lot of fellows have them and I wanted one too.  I'll bet you read my mind.   Tres amores a usted, tam bien y muy muy besos -- y todos mi carazon.  Bei mir dii bisyt wonder bar.

     The Wild Blue Yonder is calling again so so long, for a little while.

       Love and Kisses 


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