Unboxing and Review of Zazzle stickers

Unboxing and Review of Zazzle stickers

This is the second batch of Zazzle stickers I have ordered and I am pleased.  The first batch covers my apple on my macbook.  Bees and a flower for safe keeping.  They have been on an in use computer for about three months.  They seem like they could be peeled off clean if necessary, but stick sturdily.

For this batch I ordered my favorite Hawaiian sticker, the geckos.  The geckos began as a photograph of the shadow of a crawiling gecko on the banana leaf outside our motel on the Big Island way back in 2007.  After a little photoshop magic they became a silhouette with gradient suitable for sticker services.

I put the other sticker on my address book.  These are really great sturdy die cut stickers.  Worth the very affordable cost.  matte finish.  very bright.Look for more stickers here on my Blooming Vine Design store on Zazzle. Gecko stickers Here

. Bees on a flower stickers can be purchased Here at Gravity9x store.


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