Unboxing and Review of Live Heroes Winter Hats

Unboxing and Review of Live Heroes Winter Hats

Live heroes is a print on demand all over print clothing company out of Poland.  Their site is a little clunky but quite fun to design on.  I have about a dozen sales in a few years.  Not too shabby.  I can't order most of their clothing because of my size, they don't carry much plus.  But I was very interested in their winter hats.  Printed and sewn winter hats with little pom poms are nowhere else to be found in the print on demand web circle.

Well.  bad news is I ordered this at the end of October.  Good news is its thick warm and sturdy, and when I contacted them about the delay they gave me ten percent off.  win win.  

I love it.   My snowman pattern had tiny little snowflakes on it and it printed line drawings very well.  The fabric is smooth and doubled up.  Fits perfectly!  Kudos Live heroes!  Now get your times down and you'll be all set. Get your own winter hats here at my Live Heroes storefront!


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