Review of Relaxed Fit Hoodie by Nova Tomato

Review of Relaxed Fit Hoodie by Nova Tomato

Well I am always in the market for a new plus size supplier. I was hoping, but the waist measurement on the 3x plus size hoodie i thought might be too small although the bust measurement was ample.  I could not pull the 3x over my belly.  So for a lifehack I loved the fabric and the print so much I cut a slit right up the middle and made it into a rough jersey cardigan.  For the cost I am disappointed.  But to have this comfy festive seasonal cardigan with hood is kind of nice.  The fabric is so thick.  I really wish the thing came in my actual size.  I coiuld not exchange it because print on demand goods are made to order, that's why they put measurements on the page.  I knew the waist was off, but I thought it may have some stretch.  So if you run into this problem as a plus size girl,  make it into a cardigan!  So far my best plus size garments have come from Threadleess and Dropship CN.  Both have 4x available.  So nova tomato, call me when you add 4 and 5 x to your repertoire.  It was about a four week turnaround.  Good quality.  Just not in my size.  as a woman who wears 22/24, 3x should fit.

If you are blessed enough to be of a smaller stature, I highly reccomend the Relaxed Fit Hoodies.


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