New Painting!  Tomato Basil Abstract

New Painting! Tomato Basil Abstract

This painting took about an hour and a half. Really simply, I had started a painting with a few dark blue swirls and stuff a few weeks ago and there it not wanting to finish it.  I only have small tubes of acrylic and my white is almost gone.  That wouldnt have covered the blue.  So I channeled some old color field paint memories from art history and did some big red and blue splotches... yup yellow needed to go where it did.  I am all about the color balance.  Then.. of course i decided a tomato would fix it and leave the yellow.  so here we have a nice kitchen art piece.  cute little tomato with some basil in the corner.  fresh bright colors with painterly strokes.  It was fun.  Don't be afraid to paint.  what not might be that good technically, may have a balance about it that upends the tragedy of not spending an hour shading.  Quick and dirty painting here with cindy.  yah wanna know the whole truth..  it started out as an apple.  too round i though.  so it turned INTO a tomato.  That tomato has damn fat leaves at top.. yes well, thats because it is tomato born as an apple.  Once i added the basil in the corner it was officially a tomato. I think the basil turned out pretty good for barely remembering what basil looked like.  I should get some photographs do more herb pencil drawings.  Oh who knows what I'll do.  I follow my whims with art.  I make no plans and pre-sketches make me nervous.  Yes I am afraid of commitment perhaps. perhaps.  Well here it is.. buy it on stuff, let it inspire you to try a painting!  


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