Keep Making Art: Diagnosis Day

Keep Making Art: Diagnosis Day

So today is a day of days.  I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer.  Before you worry, I may just need a hysterectomy.  We caught it early but my doc says it was because I hadnt been having periods since they put me on psych meds 15 years ago.  All I can say is get your anual pap.  We detected it there.  Pray this is an early catch, although I may need to still do some chemo, all things point towards a very treatable situation.  

With these as my days I vow to keep designing on this sight and keep making art all throughout.  I am now more determined for my meager existence, this year around 100$ -200$ a month in net profits, to expand.  I want to sell more, be more do more before this is gone.  My daughters won't run this shop for me when i pass.. hopefully many years from now.  I want to be a paid living artist anyhow...not make a bunch of money when I'm gone.  

This is my first year of funds considerable enough to have to file taxes on.  That'll be fun too.  Got to keep it kosher.  I did a new photograph this week.  Mostly I am designing with my already big arsenal of art.  I am going to keep my fans updated on my condition, because hey, this is more about the artist.  We have faces, behind the designs.  I may need to start wearing scarves and hats in my daily photo, but we shall see.  All I know is I made enough last month to go to the movies twice and I saw another artist, the actor Tom Cruise, still spinin his wheels in his newest Top Gun movie.  I still got tingly wooshes at the right parts... So life can't be all bad.  Cheers to refillable buttered popcorn.  Buy from me and my stores and I'll go see more movies and make more art.  My favorite part was him jumping out the window with the daughter standing right there.  It perfectly illustrated our single mom adult children divorced and still keeping it under our hats mentality.   So here's to you Mrs. Robinson.. but most of all you've got to hide it from the kids (lemonheads version).

I will still be a whole woman after i lose this cancer.  and nobody can take that away from me.


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