Happy New Year!  What I am working on this Season!

Happy New Year! What I am working on this Season!

Hello dear fans! I have been busy crankin' out the designs on a shop out of Chicago called Threadless.  I found their t-shirts all over print in plus sizes amazing.  Their shoes are a bit narrow for me but print nice.  Can't wait to try their mugs.  I just started up with them this summer and have had a few sales here on Blue Daisy thanks to them, including one skateboard with the works, so I am really trying to get my images up there.

Shopify is introducing some apps that sell nfts on your site,  I am all already on Open Sea on the Ethereum blockchain though.  Can't mint the same nft two different places.  It ain't kosher.  I may start it up and offer images of the WWII letters as nfts though.  Still thinking about it.  

Speaking of the WWII letters, you may wonder what they are doing on an art shop?  Well, my grandfather was the camera man for the vintage europe travel slides i use and i thought I'd try and tell you a little more about him.  He was a second LT. in the Army Air Force as a bombardier during the war.  It is my understanding he flew some missions but was never stationed over seas.  I plan on ordering his military records after I finish the letters.  I am about half way through them.  My grandfather would have been 100 last year and passed away of skin cancer in 1990. I was about 14 or 15.  I spent weeks with him that year.  I remember him showing me the letters and the slides.  telling me I should do something with them.  My father passed away a little over a year ago and in order to tell his story, i'd have to introduce you to his parents as he was an only child.  I fancy maybe writing a book after I finish transcribing and editing the letters and travel journals.   My grandparents fell in love during the war and gave birth to my father in Chicago right at the start of the boomer generation.  My Dad grew up in the fifties and turned teen in the sixties.  Married and had three kids in the seventies and eighties.  He, despite many obstacles, had a wonderful life and so have I.  Sure there is where we are now, but I am looking back at how we became.  The letters and the journals show another era, different concerns, an idea that the world is to be enjoyed and fun is to be had with the variety and spice of life.  That's what he taught me.  So this year I hope to finish the letters blog and the kindle vella project for the letters and make good headway on the travel journals my grandmother kept; although, her hand writing is considerably harder to read than my grandfather's.

Zazzle will be worked on now and again but they did away with quick create which allows the design of 100 products at a time and I don't know if they plan on bringing it back.  I do a few designs a day on Zazzle but don't plan on much.  

My goal for this year is to begin painting again!  I went to studio art school in the nineties.  I have rarely painted outside of the classroom.  I love working on the fly without presketches and just making something out of it.  There is nothing like the look of fresh real paintstrokes.  I will photograph them and put them up on society 6, zazzle, redbubble and pixels, as well as here on Blue Daisy.  I can't wait.  I have priced out materials on amazon and acrylics are really quite affordable.  I have a spot all picked out for my easel and I can't wait to start making painting videos.  Just need some sales so I can get the goods and start up!  

I also have my eye on the floral brush pack for procreate on the ipad from freya.  That will be a game changer for my floral designs!  I cant wait have to purchase the commercial license.  only 25$ extra.

I am making pendants and paying some attention to my 3d print store on shapeways.  I have ordered a few things.  It really is amazing.  They print in silver!  

So look for new florals, mandalas, and paintings this year in my stores and follow the letters story and travel journals on my blogs on Blue Daisy, Youtube and Tiktok.  

That's what's new with me!  Hope you all have a wonderful neew year and check back often!  New products added daily!



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