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Like something you ordered, want more like it? I use several manufacturers and production companies to print my wares.  I design the images you see on the products and place them in 2 dimensional patterns to be printed. That company provides an online service that extrapolates the 2 dimensional design to a 3 dimensional Mock Up of the product and we get a pretty good idea of how the finished product will look.  The template also holds the full resolution image which serves as the pattern print file for the production of the thing.    Can my art sell?  Can my art travel?  The generated mock ups are what you see unless I have ordered and reviewed a product, in which case I post a video. It takes about 2 hours to go from blank page to 3d mock up product page imported,  depending on the complexity of the artwork.   All these companies have integrated with my cart provider Shopify.  The leader in small business and secure checkouts. This is all done from the comfort of my home, sizing and re cropping artwork is all done with Photoshop and the detail preservation settings. Then, the manufacturer or production company either creates the cut and sew items or prints on blanks provided by their company and takes care of the printing, production, and shipping of the product; but only when a product order is placed.  This is called Print on Demand because nothing but the design of the thing is done until an order is placed.  I have placed orders with most of the brands I use and review them in my blog.  Know who you are buying from and research the brand if you like!  Note: a handful of Manufacturers use My store name as the vendor and can not be separated into collections.  These include, Art of Where, Kin Custom, and DropshipCN, Printful, Nova Tomato, Through 6, Printed Mint, Gooten, Print Doors, Two Fifteen, and Digital Image Downloads .

Shop by Brand

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