May 18th, 1967

May 18th, 1967

May 18th, 1967 - Thurs.

Bells through the night.  Early start.  After breakfast our journey through the Austrian mountains is beyond description.  Beautiful mountains and scenery.  winding mountain roads -  frightened me a little, but Joseph such a good driver - spellbound.  - saw an accident - then another - The Semmering Pass was breathtaking and the small towns we passed through were so charming and places where Austrians go for holiday.  Stopped for breakfast and most interesting town - tournJacole [?]. -  Reached Villach and had lunch - the panorama view spirit binding - came to border - got out to exchange money.  Very interesting - On again scenery changes after mountain ranges. - Italy emergers - white roofs, blue water - dried up rivers at this time of year.  Houses different -  very interesting even though hodge podge - friendly atmosphere - many vines and mulberry trees, peach trees - mess, not maintained so could be to lease on this section.  - Ted said this day would be toughest of all trip because of the longest drive.  - 

     Left Vienna 7:30 am and arrived around 8:00pm, It was a very long drive but evrybody stood up amazingly well.

     Where we are in Mistre of Venice - not in old city - For our Hotel ...  but hotel so nice - room is large and bath (slower). ZIs a modern hotel, buzzer in.  15 min. only time to wash - good supper - fish local wine good.  Afterwards Greg Peggy, Ray and I tried walking to any water - dark out so can't see it.  Lots of fun walking over bridges but underneath all railroad tracks.  Very tired so gone up and to bed.



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