June 7, 1968

June 7, 1968

June 7, 1968

     Both feel refreshed.  Have nice hot showers and get ready for Loch Lomond tour.  Wake kids at 7:00 am.  

     Breakfast is at 8:00 am.  Waiting now and so till later - on with today!

     Well!  this was a day of Scotland.  Started on tour to Oban and the Highlands at 8:45 am after a good breakfast of cereal, egg, bacon, toast and coffee.  English couple at next table chatted with us.  Along the Firth of Fourth Bridge and went through charming village.  Driver points out many historical things.  Make a stop at Stirling.  See the castle but don't go through it.  On towards Loch Lomond and taken by surprise by the mountains.  Thousands of sheep everywhere up hill down dale in glens.  How they don't get killed on road is beyond me.  Pine trees and water trickles, three bells of Scotland, Mountain ash rhododendrons, buttercups, daisies - As we approach Loch Lomond and the hills turn into mountains one could well imagine they are in Rhinelands of Germany or Bavaria. 

      Loch Lomond is so different than thought.  Very very beautiful lake.  26 miles long and six miles wide at widest point surrounded by lovely mountains and ridges.  The trees are as thick in spots as the black forest.  Have lunch at Loch Long Hotel.  I had fish fillet soup, veg, pudding and cake - was delicous.

     On through lovely towns of the highlands.  Hope we got a good picture of Inversy Castle as it was most impressive.  - On through great mountains to Oban - A beautiful picturesque village on the sea where we have tea and bread jam and sweets.  

     Weather is chilly but nice.  Do a lot of shivering while walking around town.  Situated on Firth (straight) of Lorn.  Seagulls and lovely sights.  

     On now for the last 100 miles - Bus very rough on one but who cares?  Scenery beautiful, stop at Collander.  go through Stirling again, Longlithgow.

     Oh, took a picture of the highlands cattle, real shaggy.  Saw castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for 19 years off and on.  Rob Roys and Macgregor town.  couldn't understand all the info.  That one grand Scots driver said.  and forgot to mention as we reached Loch Lomond he sand Loch Lomond for us in a grand voice!

(remember red marks on sheeps backs)

      Made good time back - Got off the bus at almost 9:30 pm.  Hungry  so searched for a snack but could only find Chinese Restaurant.  

     This was crazy!  Had wonton soup and the boys had BBQ spareribs but couldn't eat them.  Much waste!  Cost us $8.00 for practically soup and tea.  (Ray had a few prawns though)

     Back to hotel and sleep around 10:30 pm 

   (remember slag heaps)


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