June 2, 1967

June 2, 1967

June 2, 1967

Well, another bath and continental breakfast and we're off to complete our plans.  We want a paid guided tour through Louvre, we go at 10:30.  I almost break a replica statue of Venus de Milo for 48 francs, almost 30$.  Craig and I very nervous after this.  Tour takes us to Romanesque statues, French king's crowns, winged Victory, Venus de Milo - gorgeous.  Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa!  

Napoleon's coronation - the spanish artist, Louis XVI -  I will fill out more later.  

Too bad no time for impressionists place.  Like monet, Renoir, Picasso, Dali, Degas, and so on.  But we wanted to take boat ride on the Sene, which we did.  A marvelous experience - took many pictures and saw a good cross section of the city.  We had a date for dinner at Eiffel tower so proceeded back to hotel.  Peg and I through all of this, stop here and there.  This time we stop at Picrims, a kind of five and dime store.  We both buy a hat and a scarf.  Also today we have taken the Metro a few times.  Amazing.

      Ray and I finally get back - try to rest.  Peg still shopping. At 7:00 pm meet in lobby and take Metro to half way there I guess.  The Trocadero?  Walk for awhile get in cab.  Tell him Eiffel.   He thinks it's almost in front of us.  Go up elevator, most beautiful restaurant.  

     Never forget this evening.  Beautiful sight.  lovely music - great food.  ( I have frog legs and asperagus and turtle soup - Violinist asks for requests.  We ask for Brazil.  Weather for dinner beautiful. We're marvelous.  

      Walk to gorgeous fountain across square - lit up beautiful - turn buildings - aquarium and anthropology built for one of their fairs.  Wait till fountain turns off - tour is like a fairy tale in the night - got a cab - Have coffee across from German restaurant with goose on top.  Are many characters that walk along all these cafe's .  They stop at Paris.  Say goodybye to our good friends.    


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