What am I working On This season?

What am I working On This season?

Well, as news of all the shopping going on on Tik Tok , instagram and FB..  I have to let my fans know...  I am not partaking of any of those avenues for actual shopping sales this year.  The problem is how long they hold your cash and how much you have to guesstimate your sales in order to do it properly...so to make a long story short, I am abstaining from them untill I am successful enough for a a nice investment buffer.  Shopify and this site is the only place to get Cindy Boyd original designs, except for the marketplaces like zazzle, redbubble and Society 6 which are listed at the footer of each page on my website.

Well, I don't know if you have something like this in your city, but in Chicago, we have a radio station that goes Christmas two days after Halloween, and stays there till after the big day.  It is one of my favorites.  They flip today.  Kind of like a crafters holiday!   Love having it on and working on my site with TV on mute.  The joys of living single.

In case you haven't heard...  iPhone 15 is out.  I carry over 400 phone cases and am looking to upgrade after this holiday season.  Due to technical aspects of offering all the iPhone cases available on each products.   The site upgrade is going to take all holiday season.  However, If you are looking for ornaments, my entire collection is available on ornaments at my Pixels/fineartamerica store you can find the links in the footer.  I have some stockings and treeskirts available from last years escapades on this site, and of course, there are the entire winter christmas collection of designs you can check out in Digital Image downloads.  There are also Christmas cards and sundry dresses and hats.  There is plenty here to keep your holiday season hopping.

Me, I will be busy updating phone cases.  and crocheting occasionally to break the monotony.   So maybe a drawing will show up at some point, but I plan on just plowing through the phone cases so they finally are updated.  I neglected the last two or three updates and still have many phone cases at iPhone 12.  That will never do.  So I encourage you to browse the digital image downloads section of winter and christmas for ideas on what you would like on a POD product, and browse the fat with festivities collection of Winter and Christmas available under the red snowflakes design on the front page.  I have plenty to make the holidays sparkle!  Why reinvent the wheel?  

My goal this christmas is to remain cheerful enough to actually put the ornaments on my little tree this year.  This is something I haven't done since I got this lovely apartment.   Thanks for stopping by!



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