Review of Printify 10 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Review of Printify 10 Inch Laptop Sleeve

I was testing printify's laptop sleeves for slip cases for my new kindle fire 10 plus.  I wanted something I could put in my purse.  I love reading, watching movies, and I may just make a small trip now and then with family so something to do in the car.  Well Printify sells two kinds of laptop sleeves.  One in a couple sizes, and this one in four sizes.  The one in four sizes is polyester, not neoprene, as I misspoke in the video.  The padding is thick and soft. foam that retains its shape.   The print is on one side and will help you keep your devices straight if you have to set it down to charge.  Comes with two zippers, so, essentially, you could leave it in its case, and just unzip a little while charging.  It fits a kindle fire 10 perfectly, so now you can download some books and still have the light weight of a one sided tablet to read from.   The 10 is good for my eyes,  with the added plus of having internet when I'm on wifi for non-essential communications.  Don't worry about a thing.  And next I'm going to try my Art of where make up bags for holding my charging cords in my zazzle crossbody bag and being able to find everything on the go.  


Check it out and grab one for yourself!  Take your devices... outside!  Leave the house, enjoy life.


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