Art Runs In The Family!

Art Runs In The Family!

I would like to introduce my fans and readers to my sister: Jenny Slay 


Mistress of the dark arts of drawing and dabbling in sculptural crochet... she wanted to lend me the use of some of her work.  I liked it so much I offered to give her a cut if it sells.  She works.  Supports her fam.  Show some love and buy her designs.  I will try and blog everytime new designs come out.  This is something new in the realm of a collaborative effort we are trying so bear with us.  She has interest in seasonal drawings perfect for POD.  


This is what I hope is the first of many installments of collaborative works on my artstore artblog!

here are the pre-filtered unprocessed sketches coming in the next few days to complete the fall Halloween season at my store!


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